Rubinius runs RSpec 1.1.2

18 January 2008

This day has been a long time coming. About a year ago, I started trying to get Rubinius to run RSpec. Hats off to all the wonderful Rubinius contributors and special mention to the cool guys who hung out with me at pdx.rbc meetups in early 2007. (Unfortunately, the page in that link will disappear soon. Maybe I’ll make a pdf out of it and keep it here. You know, nostalgia.)

Everyone’s efforts have paid off and here is the proof:

$ shotgun/rubinius -I ../rspec-1.1.2/lib/ ../rspec-1.1.2/bin/spec spec/ruby/1.8/core/true/

Finished in 0.988572 seconds

5 examples, 0 failures

The TrueClass specs were some of the very first ones I wrote, so I thought it fitting those be the first ones I ran successfully with RSpec.

Congratulations everyone!