Rails' future is bright indeed, bright like the sun

07 August 2006

If you don’t get a chance to hang out on our irc channel much (#planetargon on irc.freenode.net), you may have missed some of the innovations on the horizon for Rails: We’ll let you know when the nuclear-powered Rails beta is up for testing.

Anyway, Happy Birthday Rails!

12:24 tacodog hrm. there are 3ppb of uranium in seawater.
12:24 tacodog 4.5b estimated tons of uranium in the ocean
12:24 tacodog even more thorium.
12:25 tacodog the uranium alone could power the world for the next 6500 years.
12:26 * harrisj hatches a world-domination scheme
12:41 tacodog you know how i came across all this? one day i was eating crab with the wife
12:42 tacodog i looked over and saw a pile of crabshells
12:42 tacodog wondered what it could be used for
12:42 tacodog chitin is the second most common organic substance in the world. second only to cellulose
12:42 tacodog and one of the things you can do with chitin is to clean water.
12:42 tacodog sewer water
12:42 harrisj what about keratin?
12:42 tacodog it absorbs metals
12:43 tacodog dunno.
12:43 tacodog but chitin is crabs, insects, etc.
12:43 tacodog so, it absorbs metals in water
12:43 tacodog uranium, titanium adn thorium are dissolved in seawater
12:43 tacodog so… i started doing some research
12:44 tacodog a japanese scientist ‘mined’ yellow cake from the ocean
12:44 tacodog amazing
12:44 harrisj tacodog: wow
12:45 tacodog more thorium than uranium in seawater
12:45 tacodog more expensive to use thorium in a reactor, but it’s possible
12:45 tacodog and… pair this with pebble bed reactors…
12:45 tacodog and you got yourself a bidness
12:46 tacodog sorry, i’m a nerd. i admit it. this fascinates me.
12:47 lanaer bah, no apologies.
12:47 lanaer just keep adding to the interesting tidbits of info I come across in my day :)
12:47 dgibbons yeah this is much better then the talk in my other channels
12:48 lanaer heh
13:49 brixen tacodog: thanks, now #planetargon just bubbled to the top of the list at NSA
13:49 brixen they’re busily researching everybody
13:51 brixen but I like the idea: get your own nuclear powered rails app :P
13:52 brixen rails on uranium, or thorium
13:52 tshine nuclear powered rails aparams
13:52 tshine opps
13:52 tacodog hahaha
13:52 tshine nuclear powered rails on a 9-volt budget
13:52 * tacodog is back from lunch
13:53 tshine my hotkey proggy inserted that little tidbit :(
13:53 dgibbons your rails app generates enough power you can sell it back to the power company