Oh, _why!

19 May 2007

This post has no nutritional value. Feel free to put it over there by the jelly-filled pastry, bearclaw, and glazed pop tart, go back to your granola. You health nuts, you.

Now, to the jelly filling. Seems that _why dropped by #rubinius, not once, but twice yesterday. I missed it, but hopefully he’ll be back. For your viewing pleasure (no names have been changed to protect the innocents).

19:06   _why >> whoa
19:06   _why >> well fellows
19:06   _why >> i am blown away!
19:07   _why >> looks like things are really comin along
19:30   _why >> oh backflip
19:30   _why >> interpolation works, splat works, IO works
19:30   Vagabond >> spat is pretty new
19:30   Vagabond >> I think it's not completely tested
19:30   shadowfiend >> Yeah, like a couple of hours old :-)
19:31   Vagabond >> it's remarkable how much is actually implemented though
19:31   _why >> yeah it's got that new splat smell