There's a short in my NetNewsWire

10 July 2006

When I started at PLANET ARGON, I was given a bright new matte black MacBook to use. It's a beauty. This is the first time I've used a Mac extensively since around '89 and I love it. Well, mostly. For the last decade or so I've used Linux 90% of the time. First RedHat, then Fedora, and most recently Ubuntu, which in my experience is simply excellent.

What I miss most from Linux is the super responsive Gnome desktop, the wonderful Gnome Terminal, and the oodles of very high quality free software. With the Mac, I am quickly annoyed by the frequent appearance of that damned spinning color wheel, Mac-speak for, "uh, hold on, I'm having a moment"; the typing through molasses feel of iTerm; and paying for so many little pieces of software. Mind you, I'm fine trading my money for something of value, but if you are going to force the issue with me, you should probably ensure your process to lighten my wallet doesn't piss me off.

Enter NetNewsWire. I've used it through it's evaluation period and it's been passable, nothing spectacular. But today, it wants money from me. So it puts up a friendly dialog, asking nicely. A bit miffed, I go ahead and click the "Purchase Software" radio button. Hmm, nothing happens. Seems that option is disabled. Oh well, sorry NetNewsWire, now I'm evaluating NewsFire