What I want to be when I grow up

16 June 2006

I have been rescued from mundane obscurity. Yesterday I met with Robby and Allison and we settled on Interaction Architect as my title. Those are certainly big shoes to fill, boats really, but I'm looking forward to it. The title is broad enough to encompass interaction as it applies to humans-computers, humans-humans, and computers-computers. It's both justification and impetus to push my knowledge and understanding. For example, with Project Borat, we're focused on how we can facilitate client interaction throughout the project as well as pushing the envelope with features to support user interaction.

My interest in languages dates at least as far back as about 6 years old when I discovered Chinese writing. I was fascinated to the point of drawing nonsense characters for kids at school, telling them I could write Chinese. This interest extends to programming languages and mathematics. And since first working with one of the early Macintosh computers almost 20 years ago, human-computer interaction has been a persistent curiosity, if somewhat sidelined. In fact, design interests me more than coding, but unfortunately, I don't possess abundant artistic talent. For me, interaction design allows me to straddle that space between visual design and implementation and I'm excited to further develop these skills along side the other highly talented folks at PLANET ARGON.